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"This 6 week session really helped me solidify my identity and helped provide clarity and confidence for what was next. A profound experience and I would highly recommend it. Many thanks And God’s blessings."

- Scott

"I was lost as to my "role" of who I was.  Lost were my hopes and dreams never thinking that I can have them.  Gina is so willing to embrace you, as a person and not a client.  The course has taught me TRUST, REST and PEACE.  Can i say i knew what those words meant not really.  My biggest take way I AM GOOD ENOUGH!"

- Rosi

"Coaching with Gina has been a strong support system to discover stumbling blocks that may hold me back from moving forward in life."

- Renee

"I look forward to my coaching session each week! I hear something that inspires me every week, and I'm becoming more open, and more able to think outside of old mindsets!"

- Mellissa

"My experience with Gina Blaze as a personal life coach was remarkable to say the least! Gina gets right in to the heart of the matter in such a loving and compelling way, hitting the mark every time. Her words were God-inspired, and empowering; the spirit of wisdom and revelation were graciously released throughout each session."

"I was not only amazed at what I learned about myself, but also enjoyed having a confidential, very qualified person (who didn’t know me prior to this), help me look at my priorities and goals through a new lens. Gina walked me through specific successes and challenges that pertained to my life story.  It was refreshing to look at myself through my blind side (as well as her objectivity) and approach situations with a new

mindset/heartset.  In addition, this was all done through Facetime, and my weekly appointments took place from the comfort of my couch. Thanks Gina!"                     

- Amy H

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