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Love is the greatest thing in the world. What the world needs now.


It's the most powerful force in all the world. It contains joy, hope, peace, promise, and freedom. Love can transform any life. The one short phrase that describes love with the greatest accuracy: "God is Love." Love thrives on forgiveness, healing, redemption, encouragement, and compassion. We have been thoroughly created for love and yet we have not come into its full identity. We cannot measure love through the lens of ministry, theology, talents, exploits, or money. Love is in the soul of every man, in the deepest place. All of our self-efforts and self-solutions keep us striving hard to try and prosper our souls with love. Love's soul secret to prospering is resting in God. When the soul is filled with contentment in God, the need for self-striving ends and the increase of life begins.

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52 weekly reflections designed to provoke thoughts about life.

There is one for every week.

Encouragement to recharge, refine and rethink!

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"Provoking thoughts helps nudge us a little bit closer to truth about ourselves. If we are willing to face who we really are, then we are one step closer to change. Every reflection is gentle yet full of insight on how to live life with a smile on your face. I enjoy the challenges within these pages to become a person full of grace and truth."

- Suey

"Wherever you are, whoever you are - this book is a daily deposit of little treasures to be unlocked and applied like a soothing and healing balm for our souls. Thank you Gina Blaze, for living it and loving us enough to share your soul with the world. What a wonderful and beautiful gift!"

- David Swanson

"This book is something everyone needs to read. I am letting everyone I know about this book and what it had done for me."

- Cynthia A. Mcclain

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